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A Clutch Box themed to a video game

Across the gaming year Paramount Games Rental produce specially themed boxes to coincide with the launch of 'Triple A' video games.

Theme Boxes are a bit more expensive because we have sourced specially chosen products to fit the characters or story-line of a particular game.

Like all our products, Theme Box comes with Sweet, Savoury & Mixed options. You just select which one is right for you.

Please take a moment to go through our Terms & Conditions, concerning the contents of your Theme Box and our responsibilities to you as our customer.

Because of their specially selected contents Theme Boxes have a limited availability.
Order Yours Early To Avoid Disappointment!
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    Clutch Box Terms & Conditions cover our responsibilities to you as our customer, for the details you send on your order form and the contents of the product you are purchasing. Because you tick a box on your order form, which says you have read and agreed to these Terms & Conditions, we suggest you take the time to go through them.

If you have special dietary needs please don't hesitate to connect with our staff via email: