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A Healthy Snack Alternative

Here at PGR we want to provide our customers with a wide range of products geared towards heightening your gaming experience. With this in mind, and parallel with our popular Clutch Box snacks we now present Health Box.

Health Box is a box of specially sourced healthy and natural snacks delivered straight to your door or workplace. Inside you'll discover a wealth of healthy snacks, drinks, superfoods, stress-buster products and other goodies to assist with promoting fitness and overall wellbeing. These products will vary from month to month to ensure regular subscribers are provided with a range of choices.

We'll be happy to provide you with specific snack products that you might prefer.
Please be sure to contact us with your order

Simply place an order, either Pay-As-You-Go or as a Monthly Subscription for the price you see on the form (with no contract or cancellation fees and FREE postage and packing in the UK). Clutch Box staff will hand-pick a selection of healthy and natural snacks for you and straight away post your box out for you to enjoy whilst you game.

Please take a moment to go through our Terms & Conditions, concerning the contents of your Health Box and our responsibilities to you as our customer.

  • brightness_autoOrder Your Health Box

    Health Box - Pay As You Go
    SUMMER SALE - only £12.99

    Health Box - 3 Month Subscription - £15.00

    Health Box - 6 Month Subscription - £15.00

    Health Box - Continual Subscription - £14.50

    Health Box - Europe - £15.99 + £6.20 postage

    Health Box - World Zone 1 - £15.99 + £8.20 postage

    Health Box - World Zone 2 - £15.99 + £9.20 postage

  • playlist_add_checkTerms & Conditions
    Clutch Box Terms & Conditions cover our responsibilities to you as our customer, for the details you send on your order form and the contents of the product you are purchasing. Because you tick a box on your order form, which says you have read and agreed to these Terms & Conditions, we suggest you take the time to go through them.

If you have special dietary needs please don't hesitate to connect with our staff via email: