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A Box Of Goodies & Treats To Snack On Whilst You Game

Clutch Box comes packed with snacks, including a drink sachet and you can choose a Sweets Box or a Savoury Box or a Mixture of the two.

Whether you buy one or subscribe a Clutch Box only costs £6.00 (+ FREE post & packing) - this is because we are focused as much on economy as quality, so you get the 'buzz' without the bill. The advantages to a subscription is they are a bit cheaper and we take care of remembering to order & send your #fuelforgaming and you are first to be aware of any offers or bonuses from Paramount Games Rental, because they'll be inside your Clutch Box.

After you've paid for your single box on PayPal or subscribed for a monthly delivery, you'll be returned to a form on the Clutch Box website where you fill in your details, including the choices between Sweet, Savoury or Mixed.

Your Clutch Box also contains a mini-toy and some stickers.
So it's not just tasty, it's fun too!
  • shopping_basketBuy 1 Clutch Box
    Purchase 1 Clutch Box for £6.00
  • looks_33 Month Subscription
    Subscribe for 3 Clutch Boxes for £5.50 each over 3 months
  • looks_66 Month Subscription
    Subscribe for 3 Clutch Boxes for £5.40 each over 3 months
  • loopOngoing Subscription
    Continuous Subscription for Clutch Boxes at £6.00 each
  • playlist_add_checkTerms & Conditions
    Clutch Box Terms & Conditions cover our responsibilities to you as our customer, for the details you send on your order form and the contents of the product you are purchasing. Because you tick a box on your order form, which says you have read and agreed to these Terms & Conditions, we suggest you take the time to go through them.

If you have special dietary needs please don't hesitate to connect with our staff via email: